Flying Solo, a column written by a family and elder law specialist, deals primarily with domestic relations questions from the practical to the esoteric. Topics range from divorce tips to bankruptcy concerns in divorce, mediation, military issues, retirement division, remarriage and stepfamilies. This is the same column that runs in theDaily Press every Tuesday.

Lawyers WeeklyUSA, a nationally recognized site presenting timely and useful information and trends in the legal field.

‘Lectric Law Library An absolutely fabulous legal (and somewhat adult) oriented site. A must see when you have an hour or two to play around. Humor and fact (and some real legal information as well) all rolled into one. It’s what I wanted this site to be, but it’s already been done.

World Wide Web Virtual Law Library Maintained by the Indiana University School of Law, this web site is the one I wish I had created, but didn’t have the thousands of students and hundreds of staff with which to do it. A truly world wide site, and growing daily. While you are over there, just think about me sometime, and maybe come back here to visit for old times sake.

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law is another great site for general legal information and research.

Court TV? Well, yes, if you can believe it. Some current “hot” news, fun stuff, interesting article explaining legal concepts (encyclopedia style, but written for the non-lawyer) and other good links over there.
The Kelly Blue Book is actually on-line and (currently) free. Check out the value of your vehicle at this easy to use site.

The Virginia On-Line Legislature is an interesting site for a quick tour of the legislative process. It has a Visitor’s Center, a Kid’s Korner and a general citizen’s guide to resources.

Want to know how much your military spouse makes? Here’s how you find out:

Military Pay and Allowances

Child Support Enforcement services

Jury Duty Information Pamphlet