Personal Injury Attorney in Hampton

David Tichanski runs a full service law firm specializing in Accidents and Personal Injury. He can assist clients in many ways to reduce the stress and inconvenience of coping with an accident, such as handling your property damage, loss of wages and choosing the right medical care. There is never an up-front attorney fee needed to hire the firm. He can begin working on your case immediately and if, for some reason, there is no recovery there will be no fee. I have a thorough understanding of the law and will give your case the credibility it deserves!

The first 24-72 hours after an accident are crucial for your case.

An immediate investigation should be started, including photographs showing your injuries, the accident scene and the involved vehicles. Statements from witnesses and the other driver should be obtained as soon as possible. The police report should be obtained and claims should be filed with all applicable insurance companies. Your attorney must specialize in personal injury and tort law in order to help you effectively. Friends and relatives who are not trained in these areas of law will not help you.


imgNo one expects to be in an accident, but if you are in one we hope that this frequently asked questions and answers section will help you.

Do I have a personal injury case?

If you or one of your loved ones have been injured in a car, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, or experienced wrongful death, work injuries, a slip & fall then you have a case. You owe it to yourself to seek legal advice. Remember that in most cases injuries appear after a period of time and sometimes, if you don’t have a claim filed you can’t recover compensation for those injuries.

I have been in an accident but I wasn’t badly hurt, do I need to make a claim?

Yes. Some injuries take time to develop. Even if your injuries seem minor they may get worse with time and you might end up missing work, face big medical bills, and have other losses. Filing a claim can protect you from unforeseen hardships. If you are concerned and unclear what to do, e-mail us and we’ll be happy to help you. Warning! Talk to your lawyer before speaking to insurance investigators or adjusters and definitely do not give “tape recorded statements” to anyone! Get help finding the right kind of medical specialists you need as early as possible, frequently on credit.

Why should I call a Hampton lawyer?

Because, our law office will help you:
-Recover money to compensates for your injuries and your time lost from work
-Get help to deal with the insurance companies so you can concentrate in getting better
-Get a doctor who can treat you immediately while deferring payment
-Ensure that you are compensated for your medical bills and other losses

When should I call a Hampton lawyer?

The sooner, the better. There are time limits for making claims and if you wait too long and the deadline passes, your claim will be dismissed. It is important that you get legal advises promptly because the longer you wait the harder it can be to find witnesses and to gather evidence. Thus waiting can cause you to receive a smaller settlement than what you could have received if you’d sought help sooner.

If I make a claim, will I have to spend lots of time in court?

No, most injury claims settle without the accident victim ever going to court.

If the driver who hit me has no money or insurance, is there any use of making a claim?

Yes. In most cases your own insurance may pay you benefits even if the driver who hit you has no insurance.

How can I afford to pay a Hampton lawyer?

Most injury claims are handled on a contingent fee basis, meaning the legal fee is paid from recovery. Here, at our offices we give you a free consultation and you don’t have to pay if we don’t win your case.

How am I going to pay the doctors?

If you have medical insurance your insurance will pay. If you don’t have medical insurance some lawfirms have a pool of doctors that can treat you without immediate payment based upon an agreement with the lawfirm that they’ll get paid later.

What do I do if an insurance adjuster offered me money after the accident?

Do not take the money and e-mail us for guidance. david@tichanski.comIt’s vital for accident victims to have a lawyer’s help when an insurance adjuster is trying to settle the case. Why? Because in most cases the full extent of many injuries are not known for quite some time until after the accident, so it is important to have the experience and expertise of an attorney to help you evaluate your potential losses. Do not sign away your rights too later discover that your injuries and losses were far worse than what you originally thought. Adjusters work for the insurance company-not for you- and their job is to pay you as little as possible.

How long will my case take? How much will I recover?

Estimating your potential recovery requires evaluating the factor courts consider when awarding money for an injury. These include the type of injury, the duration and severity of pain, whether the damage is permanent or temporary, the cost of medical treatment, the victims lost income from work, and the victims emotional suffering. Once these factors have been determine and evaluated a lawyer can determine how much money can be awarded to you.

10 Tips for Injury Victims
  1. Obtain immediate medical assistance.
  2. Hire an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.
  3. Write a detailed summary of all facts surrounding the accident. (Only give this to your lawyer.)
  4. Do not give representatives of insurance companies or adjusters written statements or tape-recorded statements when asked to do so on the telephone. Have them contact your lawyer.
  5. Obtain a doctor’s note for all time taken off of work as a result of your accident, even if you are self-employed.
  6. Save all physical evidence, and mark them with some type of identification tag. This may mean the shoes involved in a trip and fall accident, the receipt for products purchased at a store where you fell, or material or foreign objects which caused a fall.
  7. Obtain and save the names of all witnesses and persons involved in an accident. Be sure to get the telephone number and address of the witnesses.
  8. Take photos of all damages. This means damages to any motor vehicle, motorcycle, etc. Also take photos of all visible injuries. Be sure to develop these pictures immediately. If they do not come out well, retake the photographs before the physical injuries have healed. If a dangerous condition caused a fall, take pictures of the dangerous condition before it is changed or repaired.
  9. Do not sign anything without the approval of your lawyer. Insurance companies and adjusters frequently request people to sign authorizations to obtain information or releases of all claims. Be sure to show these documents to your attorney before signing them.
  10. Avoid gaps of time between medical treatments. Long periods of time between medical appointments is used by the defense to argue that the later treatment is not related to the accident. Also be sure to give each doctor you see an accurate history of all of the physical and mental problems experienced as a result of the accident.